As storms pushed through south Louisiana on Friday afternoon, a number of videos surfaced on social media showing damage in various places across Acadiana.

Jade Hebert posted a video of a building collapsing on a truck in Crowley as storms pushed through that part of St. Landry Parish.

We don't know if there were any injuries here, but this is a good indication of how strong the winds were late Friday afternoon.

Jade Hebert
Jade Hebert

According to Hebert's post on Facebook, this happened near the Tractor Supply building in Crowley.

In addition to this damage in Crowley, a huge sign at a Taco Bell restaurant fell on a car, injuring a person in the vehicle.

A number of homes in the area were also damaged as a result of the storm and the sign falling.

If there's any good news to report here, the storms have pushed through most of Acadiana and we are expecting a very nice weekend across much of south Louisiana.

Here's a still shot of the damage done to this structure in Crowley, La.


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