While we were busy filling up our clawfoot baths with bubbles, Britney Spears and her super fan-turned-bestie Tinashe were off using their bodies to make their own video and putting on the music that makes them go f--kin' crazy (doe) together for "Slumber Party," the second single (yes, officially!) off of Britney's Glory.

The Piece Of Me sensation is already back in Sin City today (Oct. 27) to get her Charityney on, co-hosting a ride with Mario Lopez for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. Today's ride racked up over $533 thousand dollars for the organization — and she's got her eyes on a $1 million overall goal.

Along with discussing her ongoing partnership with the NCCF, Britney also revealed exactly what she and quite-possibly-next-President Hillary Clinton discussed during a recent stop in Vegas: "We talked about food." Duh.

"We talked about jambalaya, we talked about our favorite restaurants here in Las Vegas. She's a great lady," Britney declared, who will almost inevitably be tapped as a future cabinet member for the newly formed Department of Really Cool and Urban Development. “I love the fact that she's a great communicator with people and she's very present and aware."

And — much to the delight of fans — she also opened up about the video for her second single from Glory, which was directed by Colin Tilley.

"We just did the video. It's kind of like a younger Eyes Wide Shut theme. So, it's kind of a little risque. It's very sexy, it's very moody...and it's fun! It's fun."

Eyes Wide Shut! Kubrickney is coming.

Things got a little more personal (raw) once Mario asked about Britney's own slumber parties: "No slumber parties...no one special at the moment," she revealed. How come, Mario? Care for an invitation (REFERENCE)?

Watch the original trailer for "Eyes Wide Shut" below to start elevating your expectations to impossible heights, and then listen to "Slumber Party" below, just 'cause.

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