Linda Evangelista won't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day, and Britney Spears won't get out of bed for less ice cream cone.

In an adorable video posted to the singer's social media accounts, a group of dancers can be seen running down the hall worried that Miss Spears won't wake up before her next show. They then enter a backstage room, where she's fast asleep (but still wearing her heels!) on a couch. Thinking quickly, one turns on an '80s song while another waves an ice cream cone in front of her face, and voilá! One lick and she's up and ready to lipsync sing her little heart out onstage.

"Sometimes you just need ice cream to get going!!!!!! It's showtime!!" she tweeted alongside the clip. (Obviously the whole thing is a joke, but a girl's gotta get that relatable #content.)

Spears is currently in the midst of the European leg of her Piece of Me tour after taking a break from the road for her 2017 Las Vegas residency. She's next set to play Genting Arena in Birmingham, England on Aug. 31. The worldwide trek will officially wrap on Oct. 21 in Indonesia.

Watch Spear's pre-show video below.

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