Activity in the sky is coming next week with the sun and moon doing the tango yet again. Make sure to set those reminders now, because you aren't going to want to miss the "ring of fire" solar eclipse.

Recently, the moon was giving its best performance with a super blood moon and a lunar eclipse happening on the same night. While that was impressive in its own right, we will be looking at a solar eclipse early on the morning of June 10, 2021.

See the report from @KLFY via Twitter below.

According to the above report, the "ring of fire" solar eclipse will not be a total solar eclipse as the moon is too small in its first phase to completely cover up the sun. You will see the ring of sun shining around the moon, hence the "ring of fire" name.

With the above report saying that the solar eclipse will be visible at 6:53AM E.T., folks here in Acadiana will have to be up early to witness the event.

Like the total solar eclipse of 2017, which you can see photos of here, you should not look directly at the sun during the solar eclipse. Maybe you have those protective glasses in a drawer somewhere around the house.

Total Solar Eclipse Sweeps Across Indonesia
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Hopefully you kept those handy-dandy eclipse glasses around since the last event. Enjoy the views and don't forget to snap a photo so we can check it out too!

And after you get your fill of that solar eclipse, don't forget to cool off from the summer heat with some of the tastiest treats from the area.

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