Between Branson and Reeds Spring, Missouri stands one of the most expensive ghost towns ever.

According to a report from KY3 (THE place to be), what now looks to be a ghost town is actually a failed development.

But can it be a "ghost" town if no one ever actually lived there?

Earlier this year, the story of this place went viral, prompting many people to visit and, in the process, probably break the law as the "town" is on private property.

The development sits in the Ozark Mountains just up the road from Branson, Missouri - a popular vacation destination - and the reason it sits abandoned is a sad one.

The Indian Ridge Resort was supposed to become a major multi-use development with retail, entertainment, dining, a hotel, condominiums, and access to nearby waterways.

Branson Missouri via Google Maps
Branson Missouri via Google Maps

According to the story, the plan came in around $1.6 billion but, not long after construction began, our economy took a nosedive. The financial system came all but crumbling down, experiencing what experts are calling its worst crisis in nearly 80 years.

After the bubble burst investors, bankers, business owners, and even the average American homeowner found themselves in various stages of financial ruin with many losing their jobs, their homes, and their life savings.

As you can see in the video, a number of condos were under construction when the bottom fell out of the economy. Not only were the developers unable to get federal regulators to allow them to continue with the project, but they also ended up getting sued by the Missouri Attorney General's office.

Even though the property appears abandoned, it IS owned by someone, so anyone thinking about visiting and roaming around the buildings can be cited for trespassing.

Can you imagine how awesome that place would have been had it become a reality? It would have had a resort hotel with almost 400 rooms and the second-largest indoor water park in the country. The development would also have featured a marina with access to Table Rock Lake. It would have been a highly-sought destination for those wishing to visit the Branson, Missouri area.

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