A Lafayette firefighter needs your help after being diagnosed with cancer.

Alex Bourque is employed by the Lafayette Fire Dept. and even works part-time with the Broussard Fire Dept. Sadly, after undergoing several tests for leg pain, Alex was diagnosed with cancer.

So, multiple fire agencies are coming together to host a blood drive for him in an effort to help with medical bills.

The City of Scott is hosting a blood drive, coming up on Tuesday, June 1st, 10 am to 2 pm, conducted by Our Lady of Lourdes Blood Donor Center. The blood drive will be held at the Scott City hall, which is located at 125 Lions Club Road.Alex is married with one child, and he and his wife are expecting another child in the near future.

If you elect to take part in the blood drive, please mention that you are there to donate under Alex's name.

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