Do we tell our legislature to vote for a higher tax on gasoline to fix our roads and bridges or do we keep our lower gas prices and buy four-wheel drive vehicles to get the kids to school?

I really wouldn't mind paying more for gasoline if it meant that price was supporting jobs in Louisiana's oil and gas industry.

I do mind paying more for gas when it's going to a government entity that has proven it has no business managing a 5-year-olds allowance much less managing millions of dollars.

However, that's not the choice we're going to have to make.

Louisiana has not raised its tax on fuel in more than 30 years. I supposed if we're going to live in the world of reasonable people we are about due to do that. One of the proposals floating around Baton Rouge would put the tax increase at anywhere from 12 to 17 cents.

This is political poop at it's finest.

At 17 cents the tax would generate $500 million dollars for road repairs. That's nice. The current estimate is that we need $700 million to fix the roads that need fixing. Look ladies and gentlemen of the legislature, I know you like your state expense account and your free LSU tickets and your other perks of being jerks but if we're going to for it, let's go all the way?

From what I understand a tax increase of 23 cents will cover the cost of the road projects we have in waiting. Let's get them paid for and then we can reduce the tax in time for election day for every gosh darn worthless one of you to feel like a hero in your slow motion I love this state kiss your kids while walking along a swamp commercials.

Hey, Legislature, grow a set, do what needs to be done, then act responsibly and lower the tax. I know it's a pipe dream because once that pipeline is set up and money is flowing they will never shut down that cash flow.

Maybe if you just couldn't bear to repeal the tax when the roads are fixed maybe you could point that torrent of cash in the direction of higher education and health care your current fiscal whipping boys.

Agree? Disagree? You can let me know and I will listen to your thoughts. However, it's more important that you let your legislator know how you feel. If enough people call, write, or email, they are kind of obligated to serve your wishes. That is unless some lobbyist has a satchel full of cash and a condo in Destin for them to use.


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