Bert Grace is a long-time friend of our radio station and, if you've ever gone to a Louisiana Icegator hockey game, you probably know Bert, too. Recently, Bert and his mother have experienced some hardships.

Bert and his mother have endured health issues for several years (she is on dialysis), but the most recent stroke of bad luck came when their home experienced an underground water pipe leak. The leak went undetected until the utility bill arrived, a whopping $725! (They are expecting a second higher-than-normal bill.)

Their income is limited (roughly $800/month), so it's obvious that they can't afford to pay that water bill and still be able to afford their other basic necessities. They also can't afford to pay a plumber.

Pipes & Plugs, a local plumbing company, agreed to assess the situation, and it appears that their plumbing problems stretch way past the water leak: the family has bad plumbing throughout the house, there is no hot water, the house is crumbling, and many of their appliances are in a state of disrepair. The water leak has been fixed (at NO CHARGE, thanks to Pipes & Plugs!), but their situation is still dire.

People are trying to help, though; a Facebook Group called Help me help Bert & Ms. Cindy is asking for donations through PayPal, GoFundMe, VenMo, Facebook Messenger, or by check. The group is also in touch with United Way of Acadiana, and are also speaking with officials at city hall to try to work through their dilemma.

If you are able to help, you are urged to do so by contacting the Facebook group or donating directly to the GoFundMe account.


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