Seaux: what do you think? Do we use "eaux" way too much?

Christina Stephens, a columnist from Baton Rouge, asserts that the overuse of "eaux" may "have been taken too far".

Stephens went to LSU, so she is no stranger to the "why" eaux is used as the "oh" sound in words. And I totally get what she is saying. "GEAUX TIGERS" is a great sign to see while watching the game on ESPN: it shows the French influence and reminds people that Baton Rouge is almost in Cajun Country. It shows that South Louisiana is different from "The South". It shows that we have a sense of humor. It shows that LSU has a HUGE amount of fans who are Cajun.

But when sneaux, Heaux, Heaux, Heaux, and Geaux wit da Fleaux and many of the others Stephens mentions get thrown around so much, I have to agree with her: enough already! It's cute. It's a great novelty. It's a great nod to our French heritage. But it's become too m

What are your thoughts? Has the overuse of "eaux" gotten to you yet?

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