As humans get older, we develop fears based on life's experiences. But what about babies? Fresh to the world and afraid of nothing, right? Wrong. Babies are born with two fears.

When babies come into this uncertain world, innocent as the day is long, they have two innate fears. Babies are afraid of falling and loud noises.

You might think babies must also be afraid of the stove and/or heat. They are not afraid until they feel the heat. They are not afraid to go toward heat. But if there is a loud noise a baby will probably cry. And if you were to put a piece of plexiglass in the air for a baby to cross, it wouldn't.

Babies are born with an undeveloped nervous system and are unable to sensory process loud noises and the fear of falling. Knowing that babies have a fear of falling from birth, may help new parents teach their newborns how to walk sooner by helping them overcome that fear. Parents should also be mindful of tossing a baby in the air or putting them down too fast. Parents should also not make abrupt loud noises around babies.

Dad and Newborn
Marc Bow/Volvo Ocean Race via Getty Images

In addition, one study found that 77% of babies born to mothers who had a particular fear learned they had that same fear when they got older.


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