'Rock' might not be the right adjective, but I thoroughly enjoyed the performances this afternoon.  The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra and Conservatory of Music's new program, "ABC's & Do Re Me" got a boost today from sponsors of the Inaugural Soundtown 'Notes For Education' event at Sugar Mill Pond.

Major Handy at Sugar Mill Pond

Major Handy started the Zydeco Breakfast at Village Market at 11 (notice the "Mimosa Inspiration" on his sound board??).  By the time he wrapped up at 1, the Acadiana Symphony was beginning to set up on the bandstand.

Kenny Champagne setting up

I love it when people from different music genres 'come together' to make music; I think that, more often than not, it gives a whole new perspective to the otherwise 'straight-up' sound.  To hear Roddie Romero's band with the sound of violins and cellos behinds it gave me goose bumps, in a good way!

Roddie Romero and the Hub City All Stars

The orchestra played a few songs, some with a choir, some with the kids from the Conservatory, and then Roddie and his gang jumped in for a while.  Here's a snippet of the kids performing (what talent!!!)



After a short intermission, the show continued with more of the orchestra and Chubby Carrier's band.

The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra

The event was to support fundraising efforts for the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra's new 'pilot' program to bring music into the schools at the pre-school level.  ABC's & Do-Re-ME will begin next school year at Truman Montessori School, bringing music to hundreds of four-year-olds.  Studies show that children who are in music programs at school tend to perform better than those who are not.

The event was free, thanks to the sponsors.  It was free, it was fun, it was good music, it was good food, and it was good people.

I love living in Acadiana.....


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