You've heard me talking for the last 2 weeks about how I have been raiding CJ's office to find CDs to give away, and yesterday, I hit the jackpot!!

Now, I can't say that I stole them from his office, because that would make him 'upset'... so, it's going to be 'borrowed'.  (So if you win one, you have to give it back, but only when you are finished with it.  And if you give it away to someone else, or you lose it, or if you never want to give it back, you are still using it, technically, right???)

Yesterday, I found three gems:  we gave away Kool & The Gang's Greatest Hits CD (congrats to Cindy North of Lafayette!!)

Kool & The Gang


Today, it's Huey Lewis and The News Greatest Hits CD.


Huey Lewis and the News

Tomorrow, Thursday, this bad boy will be up for grabs!!

Elton John

Yup.  That's the Elton John Dream Ticket four DVD set!!!


All you have to do is listen and be able to answer the No-Brainer..... don't worry, the No-Brainer questions are usually fairly easy!!  And, it won't cost you a thing (they didn't cost me a thing, either:  I stole borrowed them from CJ's office!!)

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