A man from Sunset is sitting in jail after allegedly shooting at someone after arguing with that person - over poultry.

The incident actually happened five months ago when deputies with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office were called to the 100 block of Carrington Place in the Opelousas area after an argument could have turned deadly.

The victim told deputies that he was asked by a family member to pick up poultry from an address located at the 200 block of Carrington Place. Another person drove the man and his two young children to the place. That's when the victim met the suspect 23-year-old Dylan Chiasson of Sunset.

Dylan Chiasson, mugshot from St. Landry Parish Sheriffs Office
Dylan Chiasson, mugshot from St. Landry Parish Sheriffs Office

When one of the animals began to fly in the yard the victim caught it, which the victim says upset Chiasson. When he turned with the poultry in his hands, he says Chiasson accused him of trying to harm the animal and allegedly pointed a gun at him. That's when deputies say another person told Chiasson to lower his weapon, which he did.

But, the victim and Chiasson began arguing and the victim says he tried to leave with his kids when Chiasson allegedly pointed his gun at the vehicle and allegedly told the victim that he would kill him and his children.

The victim was able to take his kids home but Chiasson allegedly wasn't done. According to deputies, Chiasson, a female passenger, and a juvenile went to the victim's home. The victim's kids then ran into the house and Chiasson allegedly pointed the gun at the victim and began shooting at him before pointing the gun into the air and shooting once more.

While an arrest warrant was issued for Chiasson and was signed on February 26, he was transported to the St. Landry Parish Jail on Friday, July 22nd. He faces the following charges:

  • Attempted Second Degree Murder
  • Aggravated Assault with a Firearm (3 counts)
  • Illegal Use of Weapons

Chiasson's bond was set at $120,000.00.

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