Pics of Snickers and Twix candies that look exactly like detergent pods have been all over social media the last few days.

The 'Tide Pod Challenge' remains a controversial topic in the news and on social media. Tide Pods have themselves become a popular meme and are even being used by older people to shame younger generations. All that aside, eating Tide Pods or even just holding them in the mouth for a short time is dangerous, though no deaths have yet been reported. Some lawmakers are calling on Tide to make the pods appear 'less appetizing' to not only kids but also people with dementia due to deaths that occurred from ingesting Tide Pods back in 2012.

With all this controversy, it's easy to see how some people would begin accusing Mars Inc. for capitalizing on the Tide Pod phenomenon with their Snickers and Twix flavored candy pods.

The truth (which is not something the Internet is usually interested in) is that Mars Inc's candy pods have been around since 2005, long before the Tide Pod controversy. They've only been available in Australia and it's likely Mars won't be selling them in the U.S. anytime soon; they'd be walking right into a public - relations nightmare if they did. They do sound delicious, though, with a wafer shell and a creamy center surrounded by chocolate. You can import some from Australia if you like, but only if you're willing to pay over a hundred bucks for them.

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