Do you believe there could be energies or spirits near you? How would you know for sure? An app developed by a team of professional engineers claim they have created the, "most advanced paranormal research Paranormal Science Toolkit available".

After the app is installed on your phone, the Audio Instrument, Barometer Instrument, Dashboard Instrument, EMF Instrument and Geoscope Instrument use the electronics in your cell phone to detect an array of impulses around you or in a room.

Through extremely complex systems and technology, your cellphone will translate impulses around you or in a room into actual words that will be spoken to you through your phone's speaker.

Here's what the app Ghost Science M3 claims—

Audio Instrument

The Audio instrument utilizes your device's acoustic to electric transducer to analyze complex audio signals.

Barometer Instrument

The Barometer instrument uses your device's barometric sensor array to detect extremely subtle changes in the environment's ambient barometric pressure.

Dashboard Instrument

The Dashboard instrument provides a centralized presentation of your device's sensor array, including the accelerometer, barometer, camera, gyroscope, magnetometer and microphone.

EMF Instrument

The EMF instrument utilizes your device's magnetometer to measure the ambient electromagnetic fields across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Geoscope Instrument

The Geoscope instrument utilizes your device's gyroscope and accelerometer to detect extremely subtle movements and vibrations.

Ghost Box Instrument

The Ghost Box instrument performs a sweep of live-streaming audio channels.

LiDAR Instrument

The LiDar instrument uses the iPhone's LiDar sensor, driven by advanced CPU, GPU and Neural Engine processing, to interpret the ambient environment outside of the visible electromagnetic spectrum.

Luxscope Instrument

The Luxscope instrument utilizes your device's light sensor array to measure illuminance and spectrographic color distribution.

Twilight Instrument

The Twilight instrument utilizes a combination of GPU-driven rendering and hardware configuration to amplify the small amount of light captured by your device's camera.

SLS Instrument

The SLS instrument uses an advanced vision machine learning model and neural engine processing to detect human figures in real time.

SSEG Instrument

The SSEG instrument uses an advanced deep-learning vision model and neural engine processing to semantically detect human figures in real-time.

When you use the app to sweep an area, you may or may not start to hear words of sentences. If you feel as though there is an energy nearby, feel free to ask questions (out loud).

Keep in mind that words from the energy or spirit in the room may not be totally clear. And sentences will more than likely be fragmented.

This is not a toy. Be prepared to hear something you may not be expecting. Then again, you may not hear anything at all.

The Ghost Science M3 app has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. It's available in the App Store.

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