You may recall the story of Harvey, a dog who was shot and left for dead in St. Landry Parish.  Well, I'm sad to report that another dog has been found abused and left for dead.

"Bridget" was spotted by a concerned citizen in a coulee in St. Landry Parish.  It appears that she was burned severely and thrown off of a bridge (hence the name "Bridget").  She was found with a noose tied around her neck.

Facebook/St Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue

The concerned citizen called the St. Landry Parish Animal Control and Rescue, who immediately sent a representative to assess the situation.

Bridget was taken to a vet clinic and is currently being treated.

Facebook/St Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue

As you can see, she has severe burns on her side.

Facebook/St Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue3

I don't know how someone can do something so cruel to another creature, especially a creature who, with the proper love and care, would return that love unconditionally.

You can help Bridget on her road to recovery, and it seems like it will be a long road, by donating directly to her cause by calling the Bellevue Animal Clinic at 337-942-7126.

If you suspect animal abuse or cruelty in your neighborhood, please do not hesitate calling the authorities to make a report.