Codi is a dog that was abused by his former owner, taken in by CPR, and adopted out to a loving family.  Codi is living the dream for any dog who has been abused or abandoned.

The goal of Cajun Paws Rescue is to make this dream come true for all of the other Pitbull/Pitbull mixes who are facing the same circumstances.

Codi came from a man who had named him Codeine. Codi's owner planned on dumping him because he didn't want him anymore. So his coworker took him in and contacted Cajun Paws Rescue.

Cajun Paws Rescue (CPR) is a local animal rescue organization, and they immediately took in Codi.

As you can see in the picture above, Codi's ears were completely cut off by his former owner/abuser; he has no ears at all.

When CPR rescued Codi, he was a broken soul. One could see the hurt in Codi's eyes.  6 months after CPR took Codi in and posted his story online, someone saw the story and fell in love with him.  Soon after, Codi was adopted out to his new family.

Codi and his new mom have a special bond. Codi trusts her more than anyone in this world. With the help of CPR, Codi has a huge family who loves him.

Cajun Paws Rescue is a volunteer organization, and can only do this kind of work with your help.  If you have the facilities to foster or adopt, please contact CPR for more information.  If you are unable to foster or adopt, please consider donating to CPR's mission.  The lives of many abused dogs depend upon your help.


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