We all go through hard times and we also never know when something or someone will impact your life. That’s exactly what happened with this couple in Target last week. According to a post that someone shared on the Stories From The Soul Facebook page, a couple at Target noticed while they were in line, that the couple in front of them didn’t have enough money for their purchase. She explains in her post that the lady started to give things back to the cashier until she had enough money to buy what she needed. Another woman appears and told the couple they didn’t need to return anything and that she was going to pay for the entire thing.

After this post was shared, another Facebook user, Donna Wade, noticed the form of a cross right over the two ladies. She drew a circle around it and shared it on the link. This gives me chills. Little angels are always around us.

Facebook, Donna Wade
Facebook, Donna Wade

If we could see acts of kindness like this every day, the world would be a much better place.


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