Around the water cooler this morning one of the biggest topics of the day is what happened on American Idol last night. Boos filled the American Idol studio and  homes across America as favorite  finalist Pia Toscano was voted off the show. 

Pia has long been considered the best singer of the season, but she didn't get enough public votes to stay in the game.  Everyone was shocked by the outcome.   Judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler were visibly shaken. The news left the remaining American Idol contestants and the majority of the audience in tears.   

Pia previously had been joined by Jacob Lusk & Stefano Langone in the bottom three.  Jacob was sent back to the couch to join the other saved contestants, leaving Pia and Stefano on stage to learn of their fate. 

American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest was also caught off guard by the news of Pia's departure.  He repeated himsef when annoucing that it was indeed Stefano staying on the show and not Pia.  

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