Hard to believe in this day and age that there's actually items that Amazon refuses to sell. The multi billion dollar business has made a name for themselves by delivering just about everything, but even they have pulled a few problematic items in recent years. And several more during the coronavirus pandemic. The list below is from Family Handyman, and contains a few of  the aforementioned controversial products.

  • N95 Masks (to the public). These were pulled from Amazon in early April, so that the people who really needed them would actually have some available. In other words, real health care workers
  • Toxic paint strippers. Amazon didn't actually pull these products, which contain dangerous chemicals methylene chloride and NMP, until they were outed by a report in Toxic Free Future in August of 2019. I can't imagine that these would have been safe to ship anyway. #justsayin
  • Nike products. Even though the two companies had a brief relationship, Nike pulled all their products off the site in November 2019.
  • Disinfectants claiming falsehoods. We've seen a lot of this during the COVID crisis, and Amazon had to remove listings of products that claimed they killed coronavirus
  • Unapproved face masks. We all know face masks are a hot commodity right now, but Amazon removed the items that had "unapproved medical marketing" claims.
  • Confederate flags. After the shooting at a predominately black South Carolina church in June 2015, all  products with Confederate imagery were yanked off the site immediately
  • Dash Buttons. In 2015 these were available on Amazon as $5 product-specific buttons that allowed you to order more of that product with one push. They were pulled in March 2019 because we now have so many other ways to do the same thing, like Alexa, to purchase products.
  • Fake Doona Strollers. Listed as a “four in one baby car seat and stroller.” these fakes were proved to not only be problematic, but also dangerous.
  • Nazi Propaganda. Not only did they stop selling Hitler's Mein Kampf  in March but also propaganda children's books that were authored during the Nazi regime.
  • Toxic children's products. An investigation on these products from third party sellers began in 2017, and it wasn't until May 2019 that Amazon agreed to take these items down for good.
  • Anti LGBTQ books. These were withdrawn after a change.org petition garnered more than 80,000 signatures to remove the gay conversion therapy books.



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