Here is an explanation of something that I said about Joan Rivers the other day that offended someone.

I received the following email from someone named "Kerry", who took offense to my comments on the air about Joan Rivers.

Email from "offended" listener (staff photo)
Email from "offended" listener (staff photo)

The comments I made on the air were in reference to a story that I wrote about Joan Rivers.  The story was inspired by a Facebook post from a woman who did not like Joan Rivers, and felt that Joan Rivers was not a good influence, and actually called her a "bully".  The woman also said "be very careful what we teach our children"

On the air, I said that my parents didn't let us watch Joan Rivers because she was crude and mean, and did not want us to grow up thinking that it was okay to be that way.  Basically, I did say that her on-stage persona was that of a bully, agreeing with the woman's Facebook comments.

I, for one, am aware that most things you see on television and in movies is not real.  Actors.  Scripted.  Fake.  I am aware that the "person" you see on television is probably not the same "person" you would meet in real life.

In the story, you will notice that I praised Joan for her talent, and also brought to light comments from people who met her in person.  For example, the story included this quote:

Joan Rivers could not have been more different than she is on television.  She was kind, sweet, courteous and used no vulgar language at all. – CJ"

I believe, Mr. or Ms. Kerry, that if my comments offended you, that if you feel that I "trashed a dead old woman", maybe you didn't read the whole story.  Here it is.  I think that, if you read the whole story, you will understand that my comments were to get your opinion as to whether or not YOU thought Joan Rivers was a bully.

Again, thank you Mr. or Ms. Kerry for listening.  Thank you for your feedback, and thank you for allowing me to explain.


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