An Acadiana woman got the scare of her life when she finds the alligator that her father had put in the tub to prank her.

Here's the back story: Gwen and her father have been playing practical jokes on each other ever sense she was a child. The practical jokes got bigger as she got older, and her father finally set the bar so high that Gwen will probably never be able to top it.

At the time of the video, Gwen had just temporarily moved back in with her parents in Jeanerette, Louisiana. Gwen explains what happened that night:

I had moved back in with my parents and my whole life my dad and I played practical jokes on each other, always going bigger than the time before. Well, this time he got me so good that I'm yet to get him back, LOL!

I had just come home and for some reason I had a routine. If I came home late I would grab my clothes in my room and go straight to the bathroom to shower. In the video, for the first few seconds you'll see the bathroom door closed, as I was undressing to get into the shower. Obviously, it takes me 42 seconds to get undressed, because at 43 seconds, as I pull the shower curtain open, all hell breaks loose! A blood curdling scream, followed by crying, then on to lashing out at my parents, saying "Y'all are so STUPID", then walking away,  yelling, " I couldn't come out, I was NAKED".... ah, good times. NOT!

No need to worry about Gwen or the gator, though: Gwen has come to terms with the fact that she will probably never top  that prank, and the gator was released in the back yard (where it was originally found).

Here's my thought: I wonder if the gator was scared when it saw the naked woman??!??!

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