Over the weekend a huge brawl broke out at a Bath & Body Works in Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. A video, which has since gone viral, was taken by shopper Genevieve Denslow from Avondale, Arizona and has now been seen by millions. It shows a huge fight involving the two women who started the whole thing, employees and customers at a Bath & Body Works in Arizona.

People on social media thought the huge fight was racially motivated or had something to do with someone not wearing a mask, but those scenarios have proven false.

According to AZFamily.com, Scottsdale Police Sgt. Devin Quon claims the fight was caused by someone cutting the check-out line. Customers were fighting, employees were fighting with customers, it was a huge mess.

Denslow told AZFamily.com that the entire thing escalated very quickly.

It was just arguing at first and then out of nowhere you could just see other customers in the store that had nothing to do with it in the first place then employees trying to get customers out and everyone on the floor.-Genevieve Denslow

The brawl was started by 25-year-old Brina Johnson and 45-year-old Johlyn O'Daniel. Both were cited for assault and disorderly conduct.

Scottsdale PD was quick to respond and the situation was under control in a matter of minutes.

AZFamily.com reached out to Bath & Body Works for a comment.

We are deeply concerned by the incident in one of our stores and are currently investigating the matter in partnership with local law enforcement.

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