It is Lundi Gras, and in Lafayette, that means Queen Evangeline's parade is always held. The parade is now rolling.

This year is not like any other when it comes to the Queen's parade, and that is because there are two Queen Evangeline's this year. There is Queen Evangeline LXXXII Olivia Fox Pharr who was selected queen in 2021, and there is Queen Evangeline LXXXIII Meghan Estelle Colomb. They are co-queens as there was no Mardi Gras celebration last year due to Covid.

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There are a tremendous amount of people who are out for Queen Evangeline's parade tonight because with no Mardi Gras last year, people are so ready to take part in the festivities. And there are two queens. It's the first time in history that this happening. Both are students of kinesiology. Pharr is in her sophomore year at Louisiana State University, and Colomb is in her freshman year at the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

In addition to the queens, there are floats that feature their attendants, and all of the gowns are beautiful. Tonight there are many other krewes that are also riding in the parade behind the queens' floats. As the parade is coming your way there are plenty of things that are being thrown this evening including a wide-ranging variety of beads in just about every color and size you can imagine.

There aren't just beads though. A variety of different throws can be seen floating through the air of Lafayette tonight including stuffed animals, little toys, bouncy balls, and more.

Tomorrow will round out the Mardi Gras festivities with three parades and then music at Le Festival de Mardi Gras a Lafayette. King Gabriel's parade will roll at 10 a.m. on Fat Tuesday followed by the Lafayette Mardi Gras Association parade at 1 p.m. and the Independent parade will follow immediately after. Click here for a look at the parade route.

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