You may remember last month when all the employees at a Lincoln, Nebraska Burger King quit at the same time leaving just a note on the front door.

Well, it's happened again in that fair city, but with a different kind of chain.

All the employees at a Family Dollar store decided to say "peace out" to management and walked out of work, leaving a sign on the door to let customers know they all quit.

First, the store manager quit then by this past Sunday the last two employees gave up and walked out, but not before leaving a sign on orange construction paper that read: "We all quit. Sorry the inconvenience."

One of the now-former Family Dollar employees, Breanna Faeller, told local TV station KOLN that their wages were low and the hours long. She said the store had a revolving door of new hires.

"We got employees hired, they went through the onboarding process, they'd work for us for two days and they'd quit," Faeller said. "They'd be done so it was just a never-ending cycle of training people and them quitting and we wouldn't have anybody anymore."

This all went down on Sunday, but by Monday the store was back open. Family Dollar was reached for comment by local media but only commented with the following: "Our Lincoln neighborhood store is open for business. We are not able to comment on the employment actions or status of individuals."


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