Alec Baldwin just got married over the weekend but don’t think the domestic life has calmed down the actor at all. On Monday morning, he abruptly shut down his Twitter account as a new interview revealed his violent fantasies towards the founder of, Harvey Levin.

Baldwin told Vanity Fair for a cover story in this month’s issue and shared vivid fantasies for how he would exact revenge on the founder of TMZ, who posted the infamous voicemail he left for his daughter, Ireland. Says Baldwin of Levin:

I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes.

Levin wasn’t the only one who attracted the ire of Baldwin. The actor also had harsh words for ex-wife Kim Basinger’s divorce attorney, specifically mentioning he wanted to murder him with a “baseball bat.”


Strangely, in the very same interview, he repeats his interest in running for political office, saying, “I think I do want to go into politics. I really, really do.”

To his credit, Baldwin admits that some of his behavior is both unreasonable and childish but has trouble controlling his anger sometimes. He even says he invited Mel Gibson – another actor with infamous anger management issues – on his podcast. But one place you won’t be able to hear him is on Twitter. The actor tweeted, “It’s been fun.” earlier this morning before deleting his account.

So what do you think of Alec Baldwin’s latest comments? Are you still a fan?

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