As many of you know Aldi is coming to Lafayette. Aldi is a German discount supermarket chain that many know about because of its popularity in Texas and other states. Now, this is even more exciting for me because the announcement of Aldi moving here meant that my sister would be moving to Louisiana to open her own store.

The grocery store is planning for several locations around the Lafayette and Southern Louisiana area but it seems that the location that was planned for Louisiana Ave is moving ahead. According to Developing Lafayette, there is no physical documentation to prove that the piece of land next to the Race Trac will indeed be an Aldi, but it was advertised on their website that this would be the future location of one of the stores.

It does seem that there is already some minor construction that is happening on the property which would lead one to believe that the grocery store will break ground on the area in the next coming weeks.

New developments and businesses are always a fun and exciting thing in our community but this grocery has a lot of excitement around it. From the low prices to different food choices, to crazy cool items that you can find at Aldi, this store has something for everyone.

There is no timeline on when the store on Louisiana Ave will be completed but I do know that it is planned to open in the middle to end of 2022.

The store that is opening on Ambassador Caffery (which is my sister’s store) will be completed and plans to open in February of 2022.

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