I won't pretend I enjoy going to the dentist, but I'd probably look forward to going much more if I was offered a nice adult libation prior to the examination.

But I'd rather my dentist not imbibe, especially if he or she needs to operate anything sharp or drill-like.

Apparently, this was too much ask for from a drunken Polish dentist who has been accused of pulling out the tooth of a patient who only needed a crown. The patient was undergoing preparations for the crown when he became suspicious that his dentist was intoxicated.

The dentist gave him some anesthetic and – to the patient’s horror - yanked out his front tooth!  The 28-year-old demanded immediately demanded his dental records, but the dentist commanded him to leave the room before barricading himself in his office when police arrived. They were finally able to enter and determined that the dentist was under the influence of alcohol.

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