A family from Mobile, Alabama is asking for the public's help in finding a missing Drew Brees jersey.

The jersey belonged to Bobby Harper Jr., an emergency room nurse who passed away in a car crash in January. Bobby's family brought the jersey to the game this past Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, but it hasn't been seen since.

The family has been season ticket holders for 10 years now and all season long they have brought Bobby's #9 Drew Brees jersey with them and hung it on his empty seat.

But this past Sunday, somehow the jersey got misplaced.

Jennifer Harper says she remembers packing up the jersey and putting it in her clear plastic bag before leaving the stadium on Sunday. But when the family got to the car, they realized it was gone.

"I think and assume someone took it out of the bag," said Bobby Harper Sr. "It was an easy pick, they probably took it for a souvenir."

The family wants whoever took the jersey to know its sentimental value.

"That was his, it still has his smells," said Bobby Harper Sr. "We know he wore it at every game. It would be great to get it back."

The New Orleans Saints heard about the situation and have reached out to the family to offer a new jersey, signed by Drew Brees.

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