A new fighter is representing Lafayette and Baton Rouge on the fight-scene in a major way by winning the opening fight of 'Dana White's Contender Series' on ESPN. AJ Fletcher won by knockout in the first round with a spectacular flying knee that has many believing he could be the next UFC big fighter to represent South Louisiana.

Twitter via @espnmma
Twitter via @espnmma

It was this perfectly executed flying knee that made AJ Fletcher the winner of the premier bout for the new season of 'Dana White's Contender Series', a showcase of fighters who get an opportunity to prove to the UFC commissioner that they belong on the big stage.

Fletcher made the most of his opportunity by chopping down his opponent early in the first round, before eventually backing him into a corner and throwing a flying knee that wow'd just about everyone in the crowd. Most importantly, the knockout seemed to get Dana White really excited.

See the moment Fletcher delivered the knee-knockout via @espnmma below.

The UFC Commissioner evidently had his eye on Fletcher and he showed the world a glimpse of the South Louisiana native before the fight even began with this Twitter post @DanaWhite.

Fletcher was warming up with his trainer, Tim Credeur, who is well-known in the world of mixed-martial arts and runs Gladiators Academy of Lafayette.

Before I go any further, check out the full video of the knockout by AJ Fletcher via @espnmma on Twitter below.

Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier was quick to show Fletcher some love for the stellar performance.

South Louisiana, and Lafayette in particular, certainly knows how to breed some amazing fighters.

But, was AJ Fletcher's flying-knee enough to get Dana White to bring out the paperwork?

Let's hope so!

You may want to keep up with Fletcher's future, so follow him on Instagram HERE.

A watch party was happening at 'The House' in Baton Rouge and the support crew for Fletcher absolutely erupted after the big win. See that moment below from @JackWannan on Twitter.

Fletcher's moment certainly got a lot of people talking on Twitter as well.

I have a feeling this won't be the last time we hear about AJ Fletcher doing impressive things in the octagon. Stay tuned...

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