Continental Plane Takes Off

Gas Prices Sky High

“The Mile High Club” should refer to the cost of airline tickets these days!  As the price of jet fuel increases, airlines have been forced to raise prices for the sixth time so far this year. Several major airlines, including Delta, American, United, Continental and US Airways all settled on a $10 fare hike, while lower-cost airlines like JetBlue and Southwest held out on price increases (though they may have to follow suit).  Some experts think the higher cost of flights will cause many travelers to stay grounded.  To make matters worse, at the same time airlines are jacking up prices, they’re also slashing amenities.  United Airlines and Continental have stopped serving free pretzels and cookies aboard domestic flights.  The airlines think they’ll save more than $2 million a year by ditching the free snacks.  This decision is likely to cause a little turbulence among passengers!


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