Frank Jones was in the hospital for almost 100 days due to COVID-19. According to KATC, Frank has COPD and was taken to a local hospital on March 24th because he was experiencing shortness of breath. When he went in, they tested him for COVID-19 and he did test positive. His situation was so bad that the doctors needed to put Frank in a medically induced coma where he stayed in ICU for several weeks.

Frank had been in a coma for a couple of weeks when the doctors told his wife, Monica, that it didn’t look good for Frank. But, Frank decided to surprise everyone when he came out of his coma on May 24th.  He did test positive again for COVID-19, but he was better and he was out of the coma. Frank had to stay in the hospital and receive dialysis six times a day. He also started physical therapy.

Frank finally tested negative for COVID-19 after several weeks and Monica was finally able to tell Frank he could go home. Frank was in the hospital just shy of a hundred days. I’m sure they were READY. Family and friends organized a ‘Welcome Home’ celebration for Frank when they returned home in Patterson on Tuesday. They were all lined in the street to welcome them back.

Frank said that all the people in the hospital told him that he is a miracle. Yes, you are, Mr. Frank. Being on a ventilator, and then taking dialysis six times a week, yes you are.  We are wishing Frank well on his recovery journey.

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