There is some lucky lottery player in Louisiana who is going to have one incredible Mardi Gras. Or at least, I hope they will if they can get to their local Louisiana Lottery office and redeem an Easy 5 lottery ticket that is worth $421,488.00.

Once again, the lesser-known lottery games offered by the Louisiana Lottery have paid off handsomely for a local lottery player. The winning ticket we are describing was sold for the Lottery's Easy 5 drawing on February 23rd of 2022. We'll call that last Wednesday just for the sake of time.

Courtesy of Louisiana Lottery
Courtesy of Louisiana Lottery

The Easy 5 game from the Louisiana Lottery is pretty straightforward when it comes to how to play and how to win. Each jackpot in the game begins at $50,000. The object of the game is to pick five numbers between 1 and 37 that match the numbers that were drawn.

In this case, the ticket purchaser matched all five of the numbers. If you'd like to check your ticket here are the numbers from the February 23rd drawing.

09   19   22   24   25

Here's how to play Easy 5.

If a player matches four of the five numbers drawn they get $100 bucks. If you match three of the five you get $7 bucks. If you match two of the five then you get a dollar. The Easy 5 game had not gotten a winner since December of last year. That's when a ticket sold in Mansfield claimed the game's top prize, which at that time was $50,000.

That winner was right on the heels of a $70,000 winner sold in Lake Charles for the December 11th drawing. But, enough about history, let's get to the present and unwrap the winning information.

Google Maps/Google Streetview
Google Maps/Google Streetview

That's Morrow's Exxon and Diner in Krotz Springs. They are located on US 190 and according to the Louisiana Lottery's Big Wins in Louisiana they sold that $420,000 plus Easy 5 ticket.

If that's your ticket, make sure you sign the back of it right now. That will help you avoid any confusion when you go to collect your winnings.

The Easy 5 Jackpot will now return to a beginning balance of $50,000 for Saturday's drawing. Tonight lottery players can try their luck on the Mega Millions game. That jackpot is currently estimated to be $87 million. And, tomorrow's Powerball jackpot is a nice tidy sum too. That estimated jackpot will be $58 million on Saturday.

Maybe you could take some of those winnings and sail away to somewhere hot. Or you could just wait a week or two, it will be hot here then as well.

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