I’ve always been fascinated by Christmas trees.  I love how everyone’s personality comes to life through their tree decorations.  I especially love when houses have trees in every room and they’re decorated with a theme to fit each room.  I remember going on a Home Holiday Tour one year, and homes even had Christmas trees in their BATHROOMS. One bathroom had a Fleur de Lis theme so the tree was decorated with only Fleur de Lis.  One child’s room was decorated in all ballerina décor so the little tree in her room was a ballerina themed tree.  You get the picture. I randomly posted on facebook a couple of days ago that I would love to see everyone’s Christmas trees.  The comments blew up with all of these beautiful pictures of trees.  Acadiana has some beautifully decorated Christmas trees and I want to share some of them with you. I have to say we love our sports teams. There are a lot of LSU and Saints themed trees.  I also noticed that Elf and Snowmen seem to be very popular. Literally, the tree is meant to look like a snowman. You can get the entire kit on Amazon which comes with everything you need to add to a white artificial tree to make the perfect snowman tree.

I hope you enjoy some of these Christmas trees around Acadiana as much as I do. Here are some of my favorites that were sent.  I wish I could feature them all.

facebook, Rhonda Bearb
facebook, Heather Guidry Merritt
facebook, Toya Lantier
facebook, Jill Jolet
facebook, Shellie Guidry
facebook, Heather Stowell Garrett