An Abbeville man has put out a plea on Facebook, asking people to help him find his biological father.

David Fontenot shared his story on Facebook:

I was born 12/24/1972 to Lois Chargois from Sulphur, Louisiana. Lois and two of her friends went out one evening in spring of 1972. They went to the Lighthouse Bar on the McNeese campus in Lake Charles. She met a drummer/musician that night at the Lighthouse and she supposedly never got a name or any identifying information except for the fact he was 21 at the time, from the Beaumont area...  I would love to close a chapter in my life that I have been searching for for about 25 years. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I figured that, with the number of people who are interconnected through Facebook, if we all share this story, David might just be able to meet his biological father.





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