As we moved on to the coronavirus pandemic, the Lafayette plane crash that happened in December may have drifted from our minds. But, for the families involved, it is still a nightmare. According to The Advocate, new details have come out about a woman who was injured in that plane crash when the plane hit her vehicle before the crash. How did the details come out? A lawsuit.

Kristie Danielle Britt, who goes by Danielle Britt, explains what put her at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a story that will send chills down your spine. Danielle's husband, Robert Britt Jr. works at the Post Office on Feu Follet Road. She drove to the Post Office to surprise her husband with breakfast. Robert Britt had no idea his wife was near the Post Office. When the plane went down, it clipped trees and power lines before crashing into a roadway and through the Post Office parking lot on Feu Follet Road. Upon crashing, the plane hit a 2020 Hyundai Sante Fe that was parked near the Post Office, which caused it to flip several times and land on its roof and catch fire. That was Danielle Britt’s vehicle and she was still inside of it. She hadn’t made it out yet with her husband’s breakfast.

Ian Auzenne, KATC TV-3
Ian Auzenne, KATC TV-3

Meanwhile, the plane crash has caused the windows to shatter at the Post Office and the employees are running outside during the chaos. When Britt ran outside he had no idea his wife was in the path of the plane crash and that she was injured near him. The lawsuit states that as Robert Britt was videoing the crash site when he suddenly noticed his wife, Danielle, screaming and crying in pain from the burns she suffered when the plane hit her vehicle, which flipped and caught fire with her inside of it.

According to Facebook posts by Danielle Britt’s husband in mid-January, she underwent at least two surgeries at University Medical Center in New Orleans. She suffered burns over 30% of her body due to the plane crash.

According to The Advocate, Danielle Britt and her family are suing the owners, pilot, and insurers of the plane that crashed minutes after take-off from Lafayette Regional Airport on its way to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl game. They filed the lawsuit in May, seeking an undetermined amount of money for injuries, including mental and physical pain, emotional trauma, and lost wages.

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