Nunu's Grocery, a local business in Acadiana, posted an open, heart-felt, honest offer to help other businesses struggling through the coronavirus shut-down. This is a must-read.

With a feeling that they were being thrown to the lions, Nunu's and other groceries stayed open when many other small businesses were forced to shut their doors. Few rules, guidelines, or even suggestions were provided for them to safely operate their businesses; they just learned as they went. Now they are offering to share that knowledge that can only come from first-hand experience.

Being a customer of Nunu's, I noticed early on that the staff at the store was taking more precautions than other retail outlets I needed to visit. They suggested social distancing early on, upped their curb-side game, made their aisles one-way to lessen person-to-person contact, provided shopping cart disinfecting, and erected highly visible, easy-to-read signage to encourage safe shopping.

Now that the stores forced to close during this pandemic can soon begin to re-open, the management at Nunu's is offering to help guide shop owners through the process, sharing not only the basic dos and don'ts but also offering to share the tips and tricks that only experience can bring.

Kudos to all of our local shop owners who are working together to try to help EVERYONE through this challenging time.

How long will food last?

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