If you fly on commercial airlines frequently, this neat tip might save you some time and hassle.

The worst part of flying, in my opinion, is boarding and exiting the aircraft. People are trying to get their luggage into the overhead bins, holding up everyone in line behind them. Others are just trying to get their carry-ons over the armrest and into the seat so that they can squeeze into the row and out of the aisle to let others pass.

Years ago I realized that there was a simple way of making a lot more room to get things done:

So simple and so effective! It might not look like much, but by moving the armrest on the aisle seat, you can increase accessibility to the row. And if you are the first one into your row, by raising all 3 armrests, you'll be the hero.

The next time you board an airplane, just reach under that armrest, pull that lever forward (or, if it is a button, simply push it in) while pulling up on the armrest and it'll lift right out of the way!


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