Pandemic or no pandemic, this idea is brilliant. The owner of a butcher shop and restaurant in Rochester, NY decided to use a vending machine to do business while his place is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. A vending machine? Yes, a vending machine. But, not your ordinary vending machine with potato chips, cookies, and candy. This vending machine is full of meat.

McCann’s Local Meats, owner Kevin McCann, told Fox News that his refrigerated vending machine that he is using to sell his cuts of meat is a hit with customers because it allows them to purchase their steaks and chops with minimal person-to-person contact. Plus, it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. McCann said he is cutting and restocking the machine four or five times a day. McCann also told Fox News that he can’t take credit for the idea. He said his friend and mentor, Josh Applestone, who operates Applestone Meats in the Hudson Valley, has been using the refrigerated meat vending machines for years.

This is such a great idea. Local business owners have to think outside of the box to keep their business going in these crazy times.

How long will food last?

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