Are you out enjoying Mardi Gras? We're out on the parade routes and in the streets, covering the latest and greatest in Lafayette today:

5:25 PM: That's it folks - Happy Mardi Gras!

5:00 PM: Rolling into Cajun Field and looking across at this crazy float. Go BioSilk float! (Is that a dude smoking a cigar?!)


4:23 PM: Cajun Field, here we come!

4:02 PM: If you catch our float, make sure to ask the Planet 105.1 dudes to throw you down a moonpie. (No one really seems to like 'em all that much.)

3:20 PM: You all look so beautiful from up here!

From the Townsquare Media Float

2:45 PM: Wow - there are some HUGE floats in the parade today. Some of the biggest we've ever seen!

2:05 PM: The Independent Parade is getting rolling - keep your eyes out for us!

12:46 PM: It's quite possible KTDY float captain Steve Wiley is the happiest man on Earth today.

Steve Wiley

12:04 PM: JayCee ran into this dude right in front of Trend. What team you rooting for, meester?

Ragin' Cajuns Fan

11:40 AM: The KTDY float has officially pulled out of our parking lot. Godspeed, float riders!

11:03 AM: The Hokey Pokey epidemic has now completely overtaken the 99.9 KTDY and Townsquare Media Mardi Gras float. Yes, you can do the H.P. while doing a jello shot.

10:59 AM: Anybody who's anybody is doing the Hokey Pokey right now.

10:53 AM: JayCee just got done checking out the Fourth Annual Family-Friendly Mardi Gras. "Best chili dogs in Lafayette," they say. There's one way to prove that for sure. (Check 'em out in Downtown Lafayette across from the Federal Courthouse.)

10:20 AM: A couple gals from Tyler, TX were just telling JayCee out on the parade route why Mardi Gras is their favorite holiday.

Why? "It's the only holiday where you can wear martini glasses as a bra."

Martini Glass Gals

We've got correspondents on the ground today and we'll keep you updated on our whereabouts and the crazy things we're looking at out in Mardi Gras world.

Float Riders

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