Details continue to emerge from Buffalo following the mass shooting at a local supermarket over the weekend.

One worker inside the store when the gunman started shooting stated she called 911 to report the shooter, and she was hung up on by a 911 dispatcher.

Latisha, the worker at the supermarket, says that she called 911 to report the shooter and had to whisper to the dispatcher because she could hear the gunman close by. She said the dispatcher asked why she was whispering and that she didn't have to whisper.

Latisha continued to keep her voice very low so as to not give away her location, and the dispatcher said something rude and hung up on her. She ended up having to call her boyfriend to call 911 for her.

The dispatcher is now on "leave" following the incident.

According to Erie County officials, all other 911 calls from the supermarket that day were fielded and handled correctly. Police were on the scene within 2 minutes.

Buffalo locals on Twitter are now calling for her immediate termination, and are posting non-emergency phone numbers to the police department to ask why the call wasn't handled correctly, potentially risking her life along with the other victims.

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