A Duson family is heartbroken this evening as the Seaux family pet is still missing after being abducted Halloween night. The reward money is not up to $900. The pet has stirred up so much attention in the Duson/Scott area that Duson Police Chief and candidate for Lafayette City Marshall, Kip Judice, has put in $100 reward money.

Kip Judice, Facebook

Around 9 p. m. Saturday, October 31, Marcella Seaux (67) took Lizzy, a 7 pound special needs Maltese, outside for one last potty break before turning in for the evening. Mrs. Seaux was distracted for just a moment. That's when a bluish-grey Chevy 4 door truck abducted the 14-year-old family pet from the front yard on Althea Drive off South Fieldspan Rd. (LA 724)

Lizzy has no teeth and is on a special diet. She had recently been groomed and had an orange bow in her hair in anticipation of Halloween.

The family is saddened and has been emotionally devastated since Halloween night. The Seaux's are asking for the dog's safe return, no questions asked.

If you know of Lizzy's whereabouts, please report all information to a special ALERT page set up by the family or call (337) 654-2541.

Chance Seaux

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