Have you been to Youngsville, Louisiana lately? Wow! Beautiful neighborhoods, a state of the art sports complex, good roads, awesome shopping, bars and restaurants within walking distance of each other, manicured lawns and they've even found a way to make roundabouts look like islands of artwork. There's no surprise why Youngsville, Louisiana is the fastest growing town in Louisiana and in the top 10 (per capita) in the United States.

Youngsville, Louisiana is Louisiana's Fastest Growing Town

In the early 80s, when Acadiana Mall was a newborn, there was a study that claimed Lafayette, Broussard, Youngsville and New Iberia would be one solid metropolitan area within 20 years. It's taken a little longer than predicted, but it's slowly coming to fruition. Mainly in part due to the recent rapid growth of Youngsville. Youngsville may end up taking the 'Hub City' title from Lafayette in due years. Or at least become 'Hub City 2'. Nicely positioned and cradled by Lafayette, Broussard and New Iberia...Youngsville, Louisiana is in the perfect position for growth and commerce.

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