When it comes to music, after I hear an artist or band I like on the radio I like, I usually do some internet searching to find their other songs. When I do, the internet will make suggestions for me ("If you like this artist, you might also like these artists") and, often times, I'll pop up out of the rabbit hole with new songs on my list of favorites.

I usually find myself drawn to the artists that write their own music, baring their souls for all of us to hear. 

I think that being an artist, whether it’s a visual art, expressive art, music, or any medium, is a very brave thing a person can do, but also the most rewarding. Brave because of critics who, especially online, can easily disregard the art as “garbage” or meticulously pick it apart, piece by piece. Rewarding because when someone identifies with what you were trying to convey, when someone really gets it, there becomes a connection, which must be an awesome feeling for an artist. I am hoping for every artist out there that there are more moments of people understanding the art than moments of critique from Negative Nancies. 

Anyway, back to music. I like many genres of music, but I gravitate toward the songs with lyrics that hit me like a bus out of nowhere. Here are some of the songs from artists you might not know that have stuck out to me over the past few years.

7 Great Songs from Artists You Might Not Know


I'm always open to new artists - if you have some favorites who are not yet "mainstream", drop some links in the comments.


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