My friend and his dog have been staying with me for a few months (his house still isn't rebuild from last year's flood), and the other day I realized that my 6-ft fence is no match for this dog!

Since the weather has been so nice this weekend, I spent a lot of time on the back patio. The weather was nice enough for my neighbor to re-shingle his roof, and the commotion on that side of the fence made my dogs go crazy!

Now, you've probably heard me talking about my little dog getting out of my yard. At first, I though that she was digging under the fence, but when I could find no evidence of that, I watched her for a little while and, sure enough, she got up enough speed to hit the fence and climb it!

I never got video of her doing that, but I do have video of my friend's dog trying to get to the workers in my neighbor's yard!

Granted, I don't want him to figure out how to get over the fence, as he is a runner! Anyway, it's cool to see how much power this dog has.

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