It's not the sound any of us expect to ever be awakened by. That is the sound of gunfire. But that is exactly what happened in a quiet neighborhood in Jennings early Friday morning. A Jennings Police officer on regular patrol caught some of the sounds from the shooting on his police unit's dashboard camera.

Jennings Police Chief Danny Semmes says that more than 50 rounds were fired. Most of those shots appeared to have been aimed in the general direction of a house on McKinley Street. However, some of the residual gunfire did make its way into another structure. That being the home of an elderly woman who lived a block over on Craig Street.

Chief Semmes told KPLC Television that preliminary investigation suggests that the shooters parked their vehicle one street over from the block of their intended target. The suspects are believed to have walked over to their target house where they began firing.

The suspects retreated back to their getaway vehicle when the Jennings Police Officer who was in the neighborhood responded to the situation. Police believe the suspect vehicle was a gray Chrysler 300 or a gray Dodge Avenger. That's the Chrysler on top and the Dodge on the bottom.

Chrysler 300 Carbuzz via YouTube Dodge Avenger Motor Inn Auto Group via YouTube
Chrysler 300 Carbuzz via YouTube Dodge Avenger Motor Inn Auto Group via YouTube

As of now, police do have one suspect in custody but they are looking for more. If you have information that could lead to the arrests of suspects in this case you are asked to contact Jennings Police at (337) 821-5513.

Despite the fact that more than 50 rounds of ammunition were discharged in this incident Jennings Police are reporting no injuries in connection with this crime. We expect the police to release more details on this shooting later this week.

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