Father's Day is this Sunday, June 20th.  Buying gifts for dad is a little different than buying for mom.  Here are some things you should know about giving dad a gift.

Father's Day Gifts
David Buchan, Getty Images for Westfield

Know that 75% of people plan on celebrating Father's Day.  The average person will spend $116 dollars on dad.  Men will spend more on their dad's than women will spend on their fathers, about $20 dollars more.  About 18% of Americans will spend more this year than last, 10% less and everyone else will spend about the same.

You might think wives would be the first to get their husbands a gift, but only about 28% will.  4% of people will get a gift for their grandpas and less than 2% for their godfathers.

In a recent survey of dads, the most requested gift was time with the family.  Maybe all your dad really needs this Father's Day is YOU!

[Via:  NRF]

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