Youngsville is growing. It has been growing for several years, with new homes, new roads, new retail shops, new restaurants, and new roundabouts. lists Youngsville as the fastest growing city in Louisiana again for 2021, with an 82.8% growth rate, well ahead of Broussard's 2nd place at 53.5%. The population of Youngsville in 2009 was listed at just over 7,000; now that number is just over 13,000.

The crime rate for Youngsville is listed at over 50% lower than that of the national average, making Youngsville a great place to live.

What was once a sleepy little town has grown into a booming destination for many in Acadiana for dining, shopping, schools, sports, and homes. All Youngsville needs now is a DMV and an airport, and I think we'll be all set!

The thing I like about Youngsville is that, amid all the growth and progression, it still feels like a sleepy little town, for the most part.

I recently took to Google Maps to look at the oldest Google Maps Images of Youngsville I could find, using Google Street View. Most of the "old" images dated back to 2008.

Google Street View came out in 2007, first taking photos on the streets of San Francisco, California. Within a year, that Google Street View car started racking up miles (I know there's more than one, silly), and now you can get street view images from most streets in major cities, and many of the streets in the 'burbs and smaller towns.

Google Maps

If you'd like to do your own exploring on Google Maps for your town, it's easy to compare the most recent photos available with the earliest photo available. Just go to Google Maps and center the map on where you want to explore. Then, in the bottom right corner, find the Google Street Dude (that dude is yellow), and drag him onto the map.

John Falcon


As you hold him over the map, you should see (at least some of) the streets turn blue. If the street turns blue, it means that the Google Street View car has mapped that road.

Google Maps

Drop the Google Street Dude onto the blue street where you want to explore and the most recent Google Street image should appear. I dropped it on Jefferson Street in Lafayette and BOOM!!: just like that, I was at Tsunami!

Google Maps

To find an earlier photo from that same location, click on the Street View button in the top left box on the Google Maps screen (circled in red, below).

Google Maps

When that menu drops down, it will give you a timeline of all photos available for that location, listed by the year the photo was taken. This particular location on Jefferson Street was photographed several times between 2008 and 2019.

Google Maps

Click on any one of the dots and it will bring you to the next photo that was taken from that location and, as you can see just above the dots in the photo above, it will give the month and year the photo was shot.

I hope you find something interesting to explore and share with us anything cool you find!

In the meantime, here are 30 images from Google Maps that show just how much Youngsille has changed from 2008 - 2019.

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