Okay, just to clarify, according to forecasters with the National Hurricane Center, today November 30th, 2020 will mark the final day of the 2020 Hurricane Season. Now, according to Mother Nature, who does not follow the Hurricane Center's calendar, still might have a tropical entity left up her sleeve in these final few hours of this record-setting season.

Currently, forecasters with the Hurricane Center are monitoring a broad area of low pressure in the far eastern Atlantic. This system could acquire tropical characteristics as it meanders slowly to the south. As of now, this system has been given a 40% probability of strengthening. It currently poses no significant threat to any significant landmass.

So what has Hurricane Season 2020 delivered this year? A record-setting 30 named storms. That broke the old mark of 28 which was set back in the Katrina/Rita season of 2005. Twelve named tropical systems made landfall in the United States during this season. Five of those storms made landfall in Louisiana.

The system was also unique because of three instances of "double landfalls" if you will. The storms Aeta and Iota made landfall in Nicaragua about 15 miles apart. Delta and Zeta made landfall in the Yucatan about 40 miles apart. And in Louisiana, a distance of 13 miles separated the landfall spot for hurricanes Laura and Delta.

Another oddity of the Hurricane Season that was 2020 was the fact back in September we had three named tropical systems form within six hours of each other. That in addition to ten named storms developing in the month of September too. Yeah, those stats are all records.

Hopefully, this is indeed the end of a tragic and busy tropical season. The outlook for the winter months calls for warmer and drier conditions. Let's hope that's the case and let's hope that Hurricane Season 2021 will fall well below the bar that has been set by the season that comes to an official end today.

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