The third annual pardoning of the crawfish, an honor previously held for New Orleans, is coming to Lafayette!

On March 12th Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser will oversee the pardoning of Clyde the Crawfish at UL Lafayette. “It’s a great thing to do and I’m glad we were able to move it to the university to involve the students. It’s also a lot closer to where all those great crawfish are farmed", Nungesser tells The Vermillion.

According to director of communications at the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, once Clyde is pardoned there will be a post-pardoning celebration at the lucky mudbugs new home in Palmetto Island State Park.

So, why the name Clyde? The Vermillion states that the name is in honor of Dr. Clyde Rougeou who served as president of what was then the University of Southwestern Louisiana from 1966-1974.

For more details on Clydes pardoning and post-pardoning celebration take a peek at the full post on The Vermillion website.

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